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If Pain Were Water, the World Would Drown

I borrow this quote from renowned scholar, author & talk show host Dennis Prager as I ponder the horrific shootings in Las Vegas yesterday: If pain were water, the world would drown.

This tragedy brings suffering not only to the countless injured victims, their families and loved ones, but to all of us who hold compassion in our hearts for them, those who empathize with emotional and physical suffering.

Who among us does not meet that criteria? May we all take a moment to be mindful of the blessings bestowed upon us by the grace of God and pray that He who governs the Universe, would ease the suffering of the hearts that have been broken by this horrific event.

Parents, hold your children near and tell them how much joy they add to your lives- your words will follow them always.

A Mindful Approach...A better feeling is just a thought away!

Betsie Saltzberg

Mindfulness Practitioner


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