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Mindfulness & A Case of Tennis Elbow

Hi Mindfulness Musers- It's now been three months of pain in my right elbow & forearm. Diagnosis: tennis elbow. Length of recovery? Could be up to two years according to my orthopedist.

After vacuuming the house today, against doctor's orders, I was unable to wrap the power cord around the sweeper without serious pain- so I used my non-dominant hand. The task was slow & strenuous, to say the least, but here's the thing: the task kept me fully focused in the present moment.

The feeling was one of complete awareness, identical to the mindfulness practices of grounding & breathing with absolute attention. S-o-o-o, while it seems to take something emotionally or physically painful to slow us down, why not make an attempt to allow yourself the CHOICE to relax & focus fully in the present moment at least one time each day this week. Let me know how it works for you!

A Mindful Approach...A better feeling is just a thought away!

Betsie Saltzberg

Mindfulness Practitioner


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