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When Parents Meditate, Children Benefit

Last week I attended a webinar based on the ideology of Sadhguru, creator of "Inner Engineering." I find him to be very wise & endearing! The information shared is relevant to both children & parents here at A Mindful Approach. While we are the most comfortable generation ever to live, we are neither the happiest nor the most peaceful. Why is this? We are, for the most part, born in joy & happiness. You notice that young children do not need something tangible in order to feel happy. We adults, on the other hand, are prone to feel happy only when specific conditions in life are met. Adults need to extract happiness out of things, to pursue happiness. So what has happened to us? We think "stress" has happened to us, via our jobs & other sources, when in fact, we have not learned to manage our emotions, our inner climate. One popular place we turn for peace is medication, and yes, when we take it into the body, it can produce a feeling of peace, but in a limited way. Through meditation, a person is capable of becoming peaceful & happy naturally. Who among us would not choose to maintain an inner sense of calm regardless of external circumstances? Parents, learning to manage your emotions & create more inner peace for yourselves impacts the depression, anxiety or chronic pain your sons or daughters may be experiencing. While there is no perfect parent & no perfect child, children need the best a parent is able to bring to the table. Your best will change from day to day, based upon a variety of variables, like your own physical & mental health. So you see, beginning to clear time in your schedule for a simple meditation practice is good for you & good for your kids! I'm available to answer any questions you may have on this topic. Shoot me an email via my Contact page or call me. Every parent receives a ten minute, cost free phone consultation.

A Mindful Approach...A better feeling is just a thought away!

Betsie Saltzberg, MEd PsyD

Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner


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