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Managing Environmental Sensitivities

Suggestions for a child/teen experiencing environmental sensitivity:

  • Switch everything off in your youngster's room - lights, phone, unplug TV and modem. Perform a quick mindful meditation. Slowly switch one thing on at a time.

  • Take your youngster outdoors, in nature (applies to warm & chilly days) & sit there for at least 5 minutes to unwind; perform a quick mindful meditation exercise.

  • Recommend your youngster take a warm bath/shower; encourage him/her to perform a focusing exercise/meditation before, during or after.

  • Remind your youngster (s)he can access peace & calm in any moment by choosing to focus on breathing & performing a mindful meditation.

I teach children of all ages how to relax & focus the mind when exposed to something in the environment to which they are sensitive (light, sound, touch, taste, words). Doing so often reduces the body's unwanted symptoms. My Therapy Room is an allergy-friendly environment. No mold, no pets, no perfumes! On Demand appointments are now available & parents may leave a Confidential voicemail 24/7:

A Mindful Approach...A better feeling is just a thought away!

Betsie Saltzberg, MEd PsyD

Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner


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