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A Mindfulness Primer

Hi Readers! A Primer on Mindfulness: Thought produces emotion (a state of mind or feeling). An emotion can be psychological (anger, sadness, anxiety) and/or physical (insomnia, pain, fatigue). Any thought, practiced long enough, will yield the same automatic emotional or physical reaction (what we feed our mind affects our brains & bodies). Without question, positive thoughts produce good feelings AND negative thoughts produce undesireable feelings. The average person has 48 thoughts each minute, roughly 70,000 thoughts each day! Now you can begin to understand how the content of your thoughts determines how you feel emotionally & physically. Here's the amazing thing: like any other bad habit, habitual negative thinking can be changed or "reframed," to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy terminology. No child or teen needs to suffer in isolation with anxiety, depression or chronic pain in the 21st Century! A Mindful Approach offers leading edge treatment techniques which can improve the quality of life for this age group (5- 17 years old). If your child/teen is in treatment with a Pediatric Psychiatrist or other Pediatric Specialist, Mindfulness based therapy is an outstanding adjunct therapeutic approach. Its efficacy is scientifically proven to improve both mental & physical health. Your child/teen will be seen within 1-2 weeks of your first contact with me. Connect via the Contact page on my website. I'm eager to answer your questions, put your mind at ease & above all else, help your child/teen feel better!

A Mindful Approach...A better feeling is just a thought away!

Betsie Saltzberg, MEd PsyD

Psychologist & Mindfulness Practitioner


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