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Mindfulness for Dementia

Managing a family member with mild/moderate Dementia can be extremely stressful.


Has your Mom or Dad received a diagnosis of Dementia from their physician?  Are they experiencing memory loss, difficulty finding words, an inability to handle complex tasks, difficulty with planning/organizing, confusion or disorientation? Perhaps you're noticing personality changes such as low mood, agitation or inappropriate behavior?

Did you know that Mindfulness exercises, combined with other techniques can help?

With compassion for those suffering with Dementia, I have created a program tailored for this population so that they, too, may have an opportunity to benefit from Mindfulness exercises and experience positive results!

The degree to which you and your parent are coping is important! Why not give me a call? There's a good chance I can help :) 

24/7/365 Confidential Voicemail: 216.706.9176

I'll return your call in 24-48 hours- no exceptions!


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