Problems with Insurance

Insurance guidelines are good for Insurance Companies, but not the best for your child

Other Practitioners

  • Your first contact is with a receptionist/She collects personal data & is the gatekeeper between you and your child's practitioner

  • Your average wait time for an appointment is 6-12 weeks

  • Your child generally gets a 45 minute session

  • Your child will receive no treatment in the initial appointment, instead you will complete a lot of paper work

  • The practitioner MUST diagnose your child with a mental health disorder for your insurance company to approve treatment


  • Your insurance company decides when your child has improved enough to stop treatment by reviewing the practitioner's private notes

  • The practitioner cannot offer online services to your child unless your insurance company covers them- many who can provide them do so using Skype or Facetime, neither of which provides security or privacy

A Mindful Approach

  • Your first contact is with me/Simply call, email or text/You'll hear from me in 24-48 hours

  • Your wait time for an appointment is 1-2 weeks

  • Your child gets a full 60-minute session

  • You & your child will each complete one form & they'll be seen in the first appointment

  • Identifying distressing symptoms and teaching self-management skills are my focus, not diagnosing mental health disorders

  • You are the best determiner of when your child has met wellness goals based on their behavior and your conversations with me

  • You get to choose from an array of online treatment services which give your child the convenience to connect with me on any device from home, school, on vacation or anywhere else! Services are provided on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform

About Treatment

     I've chosen to treat children, teens and young adults as a Mindfulness & Energy Practitioner, bringing over thirty years of experience in the public & private sectors to the table. Your son/daughter is approached with discerning eyes and ears, along with finely-tuned intuition, energy and wisdom. The great Pioneers of the Mind were and continue to be my teachers. Now, why don't I accept your insurance?


     First, your child deserves to be treated with leading edge techniques- methods that while proven to be powerful and effective, are defined by some insurance companies as "alternative" and thus not reimbursable.

     Second, your child should not require a mental health diagnosis to be treated for distressing symptoms and taught to manage them independently. Did you know that mental health diagnoses become part of your child's permanent medical record? Ask me why this is so important!


     Third, having the freedom to treat children online, anywhere in the world, is how I choose to work. My passion is treating and teaching any young person who can benefit from my knowledge, techniques and wisdom, regardless of their location! My video platform is 100% secure & HIPAA compliant.


     Now for the best part:  Your child will be taught to perform techniques at home, in school or anywhere else distressing symptoms arise...without the need to be "in therapy" forever! This builds confidence in the ability to solve problems of all kinds on their own. AMAZING, YES?